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 Fanclub & Forum rules

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PostSubject: Fanclub & Forum rules   2015-02-01, 1:47 am

Fanclub & Forum rules
The rules are the same for both, please read!

  • Be respectful towards each other and Hyeongseop/his staff/co-models.

  • Please be aware that the 4HS forums are open to all ages, and avoid swearing, and sexually explicit content.

  • Please help us keep the forum organized, and instead of double posting, go back to your post and edit it with additional content.

  • Racism or discriminatory remarks in general (eg. homophobia, religious intolerance, sexism, etc.) won't be tolerated, so please refrain from posting any materials that may cause harm to others. Be open-minded, considerate and mature.

  • If you know it, please credit the source of the content you're posting, unless it's your own content (videos, photos, fanart, translations). Do NOT retag or copy from someone else, and edit ONLY if the owner of the content allows it.

  • Only use English (or Korean if translated/translation asked) and try to write so everyone can understand you.

  • You can use common abbreviations such as IG (Instagram), SFW (Seoul Fashion Week), PHS (Park Hyeong Seop), but NOT for topic titles.

Thank you for reading carefully, and have a good time on the 4HS forums! cute

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Fanclub & Forum rules
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